There once was a young woman who loved to write. Even as a little girl she would spend hours of her free time writing stories about frogs that saved the world, ducks that couldn't swim, and trees that cried honey. But as she grew into a woman, she found she had less time to write and more inhibitions to overcome. As a teenager, she became self-conscious about sharing what was inside her for fear someone would get a glimpse of her true self. After she got married & had a child, she had even less time to write. But she did find an outlet for her creativity through writing music with her husband. But she had never been very fond of writing poetry, and she longed to write a really good story. Inspiration came to her rarely, and when it did come, she never could find the time to flesh it out. Thinking that writing the novel she had always dreamed of was a little too much to aim for at the time, she decided to start small. She decided to start a blog.

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